Port Information

Aberdeen Harbour Est. 1136

Vessel Traffic Services
VTS Aberdeen Harbour
All shipping movements within the Aberdeen VTS area (within a two mile radius of the head of the North Pier) are controlled by Aberdeen VTS. Participation with VTS is mandatory, for further details please see ALRS Vol.6. Aberdeen VTS provide the following services:
Traffic Organisation Services
Information Service
Call: Aberdeen VTS
VHF Frequency Ch 12; 16
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 597000
Email: vts@aberdeen-harbour.co.uk

Pilotage Aberdeen Harbour
Aberdeen is a compulsory pilotage district for vessels of 60 meters and over in length. For vessels with an operational bow thruster, this limit is increased to 75 meters. Vessels requiring a pilot should give at least one hour’s notice to Aberdeen VTS. Pilots normally board vessels in the vicinity of the Fairway Buoy. The pilot vessels are fitted with VHF Radio and have a black hull with white cabin, and the word PILOT displayed on the cabin.

Harbour Master: Alex McIntosh
Deputy Harbour Master: