Christmas 2022

We have been busy distributing Christmas Gift packs to seafarers working from and visiting the Port of Aberdeen. This year we have distributed 2000 gift packs to 125 vessels. We had the opportunity to visit the new South Harbour and deliver to 3 vessels – the Boka Atlantis, Boka Polaris and Deep Explorer. We started delivering gift packs in the first week of December and delivered the final bag of gifts to the Havila Borg on the 23rd December. Josephine is a new ship visitor for Aberdeen Seafarers Centre and it was a great opportunity for her to visit so many vessels, with Steve the Port Chaplain, and meet so many seafarers in such a short period of time. Happy Christmas to all our seafarers and their families and God bless you all for 2023.
Here are some photographs from our ship visits.